We officially start meeting in September. On January 7th, the team gets together to watch the release of the game. For the next six weeks the build team builds the robot for the competition.  

Who we are


Fritz Kucklick

Technical Mentor

We have a hardworking team and community who help us achieve our goals.

Lisa Adams

Tim Green

Technical Mentor


Meet Our Team


The RoboRangers team was started in 2011. The team started with a few members, but soon began to expand. Although it was a small team, in 2012 the hardworking members managed to make it to state. Five years later the persistent team has own 8 awards ever since their first competition. The RoboRangers can't thank their community for their help and support.

We are a unique team in many ways, including our diversity of race, gender, and economic status. We have become a cohesive family that readily accepts challenges that our way as one robot, person, family together.

     We are currently on our 6th year of Robotics. In the five years of competition. We have gotten a total of 8 awards; the Rookie Award, Engineering Inspiration Award, won our 2nd year, Judges Award, Gracious Professionalism, Team Spirit Award, the Creativity Award, Imagery Award, and Industrial Safety Award. We are self-funded and over 30 students participate. 

​Jim Ward

​Business Mentor


     The business team is in charge of merchandise, finances, sponsorship, marketing, and team spirit. They strive to promote the RoboRanger brand. 


​Chris Bergen

Technical mentor

Jessica Ayers

 Lead Mentor

Ron Goodger

John ​Fox

Engineering Mentor

​Jim Smith

Technical Mentor




     The build team of the RoboRangers is given a game to play and a selection of components. They then have six weeks to design, build and test a 120 pound competition robot. Students construct, wire, and fully program our robots based on their own designs.