Team Demographics / Overview
Number of Students:                  40

Number of Females:                  17

Number of Males:                      23

Number of Freshman:                  8

Number of Sophomore:                  10

Number of Juniors:                       14

Number of Seniors:                       8

Percentage of Caucasian:                  65%

Percentage of Minority                        35%

Team members are the foundation of the Cassopolis RoboRangers. Without any student membership, having a team would be impossible. Every year we recruit new members and also have many members that return year after year and are more experienced. Every year we add many curious student from grades 9th through 12th, and are very diverse in gender and race with many different types of backgrounds and experiences. At times we have our difficulties mentally as a team, but also physically because we have many team members that are in various extra curricular activities such as FFA, sports, band, drama, etc. We manage to power through them and come together as one to build a fantastic well functioning robot. Even though our team is primarily male members we still have a lot of female members. Our robotics team is not viewed as a male oriented extracurricular, and is very inclusive to everyone . No one has more decision making power over the other. All student input is taken into consideration. One aspect of being a RoboRanger we are very proud of is this year we have been more aggressive applying for grants and looking for donations and sponsorships. We have a well organized team that is very outgoing and works hard to create a stable, well funded team.

Team Contacts
Social Media


Team Email:



Instagram:         RoboRangers4325

Snapchat:                roborangers4325

Main Contact

Mentor name:    Jessica Ayers

Title:             Lead Mentor


Phone:        269-340-0535

Team meeting information

Location:         Squires Elementary School

Address:        725 Center Street Cassopolis MI 49031

Dates:            Monday - Friday 3:00 - 6:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sponsorship Information
Checks should be made payable to Cassopolis Schools-Robotics. Donations may be tax deductible, please contact the team for more information.

Mailing address    

RoboRangers 4325

725 Center Street

Cassopolis MI 49031

RoboRangers Presentation Script
Introductions: Name / Class Year / Years in Robotics / Team Position

We are part of an international organization called FIRST Robotics. Goal of FIRST: to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, plus Business)

2016 Challenge: Stronghold was a medieval tower defense game in which robots on two teams called alliances had to score points by crossing the opposing teams defenses and/or shooting boulders into the opposing teams tower and possibly capturing it as well.

2017 Challenge: Steamworks - expand- Last year’s game the robot’s goal is to reach the baseline (in autonomous) , deliver gears to the “airship”, and score fuel into the boiler. The first fifteen seconds of the match the robots are programmed to act autonomously.

2018 Challenge: Power Up- This year’s game is a 8-bit retro video game  style game where the robot’s goal is to get ownership of your teams switch before the opposing team can. Take ownership of the scale before they can. Then climb up.

Awards: FIRST: for inspiration and recognition in science and technology

Gracious Professionalism Award – for being professional and mentoring Edwardsburg and Dowagiac Robotics team in their first year. Cassopolis was the 1st in Cass County.

Engineering Inspiration Award – recognized how team inspired students to get excited about robotics – give examples

Team Spirit Award – for team spirit on and off the field – describe court: 6 teams competing at one time, 40 teams represented in the gym, fans in stands cheering.

Creativity Award – for our robots unique and efficient design.

We went to Worlds in St. Louis for the first time in our history.

Why is Robotics Important?

Sponsorships benefit our team and local businesses get advertising

Students learn valuable skills not taught in school

Inspires future education and career parts

Personal – explain

We’re self funded, not school funded!

Parts for robots

Initial competition registration is $5,000

Food, travel, and hotel rooms for the drive team in far-away competitions

2017-2018 budget- $18,000

9. Sponsorship Levels:

Honorary RoboRanger - $3000, your logo on everything

Platinum - $1500, logo in website, t-shirts, banner, and robot

Gold - $1000, logo on website, t-shirts, banner

Silver - $500, logo on website, small logo on t-shirts and banner

Bronze - $100 website and company name on t-shirts

We accept donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations and all is APPRECIATED.

RoboRangers 4325

Cassopolis Public Schools

Cassopolis, MI 49031

Financial Projection

As of January 26, 2017

School year 2018

Income to-date

Donations                     $  75.00

Sponsorships                 $5469.00

MDE Grant (pending)             $2500.00

Membership dues         $  370.00

Total Income                     $8414.00

Expenses Projected


    FIRST Entry Fee        $5000.00

    Components (parts)    $3200.00

    State Competition Fee    $5000.00

    St. Louis Comp. Fee    $5000.00


    Lodging            $2100.00

    Transportation        $ 1253.00

    Food                $  640.00

    Team Merchandise    $  800.00

Total Projected Expenses            $21463.65

Profit / (Loss)                    ($13049.65)

Levels of Sponsorship

Honorary  RoboRangers

$3,000 -  Guarantees your logo on the website, big logo on our          `    t-shirts,banner,robot, and small banner in our pit during competitions!


$1,500 - Guarantees your logo on our website, big logo on our t-shirts, banner, and our robot!


$1,000 - Guarantees your logo on our website, big logo on our t-shirts, and our banner!


$500 - Guarantees your logo on our website, small logo on our t-shirts and banner!


$100 -Guarantees your logo on our website and company name on our t-shirt!

RoboRanger Sponsors 2018

Bergen R.C

Admat Manufacturing Inc.    

Carter Electric

Fritz Kucklick

Haslett & Gaynor, P.C.            

ICM Products, Inc.

JCM Woodworking

RC Fun Park, LLC

Leonora Ayers

G. Thomas Yarger

Outpost Sports

BLT Mechanical

Leonard or Sylvia Kanczuzewski

Harry and Bonnie Staffer

Cassopolis Dental

Adam W. Hover

G.W. Jones Exchange Bank

Loux and Hayden Reality

Janel Industries

Stephenson Land Surveying

Cass Outdoor Power Equipment

Welch Packaging Group, Inc

North Star Landscape

Christine Locke

Wagner Family Funerals

Snyder’s Pool and Spa Stores

Diamond Lake Marine  

Kurt’s Traveling Trees, Kurt Westrate

Ed Lowe Foundation

Lumber Services

Damage Control Custom Welding

NAME                           BUS/BUILD               HOMETOWN                           YEARS
Jess Ayers                      Leader                       Cassopolis                                5
Fritz Kucklick                   Leader                       Cassopolis                                6
Chris Bergen                     Build                           Vandalia                                 6

Jim Smith                          Build                         Cassopolis                                5
Tim Green                         Build                         Cassopolis                                4
Ron Goodger                    Build                         Cassopolis                                2
Kristine Bosler               Business                      Cassopolis                                5
John Fox                           Build                         Cassopolis                                2
Jim Ward                       Business                      Cassopolis                                4
Reid Francis                  Business                      Cassopolis                                2
Janet Francis                Business                       Cassopolis                                1
Joanne Cogdell                Build                          Cassopolis                                2

Mission Statement:

The Cassopolis RoboRangers exist to inspire high school students in science, technology, engineering, math, business, and leadership by participating in FIRST Robotics Competition. The Cassopolis RoboRangers are a team of students, coaches, parents, and mentors who value student development and community outreach. We are united in preparing students for the future through excellence, technology, and gracious professionalism.

Team and Program Summary:

FIRST Robotics Team 4325 was created by Ross Beatty High School English teacher Julie Herwick and Math teacher Paul Chapman. Mrs. Herwick discovered the FIRST program and brought the idea up to Mr. Chapman. From there they presented their idea to the Board of Education and shortly after that we were granted permission to have have our very first robotics team and program in Cassopolis history. On October 11, 2011 the RoboRangers were born. That team started with 15 students and four mentors and began competition in 2012.

Today our 2018 RoboRangers team consist of 40 devoted members and 9 outstanding mentors. Our mentors are devoted and amazing with their dedication to help the students and program be successful. A  majority of our mentors work on the floor with the build team. Cassopolis has six engineers, one construction worker, two teachers, and one retired businessman. Our team is well set in expertise, but the devotion of the 36 members who come every day to learn, innovate, and attack the challenge of building this robot is what this is all about.

This past year marks the first time we have had a Junior High team. They are called Rangears. They are part of the First Tech Challenge. Having a junior high team will help the high school team because they would be experienced freshman when they move up. It will have a great impact on the team.

Team Impact / Outreach
Our community is a huge part of the RoboRangers team from top to bottom of this program. Even though we are a small, economically disadvantaged community, both individuals and businesses come together with support in any way that they can. Without their tremendous effort, we would not be the highly talented, experienced, strong team we are today.

The 2018 RoboRangers follow the principles of Excellence, Technology, and Gracious Professionalism. We are past winner of the Gracious Professionalism award. Our young team has trained twelve members to do effective community presentations. They have made presentations to local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, the County Board of Commissioners, the Cass County Sheriff's Department, VFW, Dowagiac Rotary, and many more. We give back to our community in an phenomenal way. We give our kids a chance to be a part of a hands-on robotics team that challenges them and their minds. We offer students the opportunity to be on the build team that designs, constructs, and tests the competition robot. Our business team deals with business plans, merchandising, finances, and marketing. When we deliver our presentations our community has a natural desire to support the team with sponsorships and in-kind donations. Mentors volunteer their time and knowledge to see the RoboRangers revolution succeed.

Mentor roles/Roles description


Assists with team marketing and creating a team business plan

Travel Logistics

Organize the team travel to regional events outside of the local area


Assist with the design of the robot and teach the students how to create basic prototypes


Assist the Marketing and Award Sub-Teams with team award submissions


Show students how to wire, organize an electrical board, and update and check the robot


Help students manage team funds and assist with fundraising

Graphic Design

Create banners,logos, team handouts,and T-shirts for  competitions


Work student to program robot for competitions

Engineering Design

Work with team to pick a strategy, design a robot, and manage robot creation


Help students build a robot

Social media

Work with students to set up and manage social media sites


Teach students how to build and manage a website

Project Management

Work with students to set time and performance  goals to meet deadlines, etc.

Team Management
The RoboRangers start meeting officially in September and recruit members of all ages 9th through 12th grade. Within a couple of meetings they decide if they want to become a RoboRanger or not. Once their choice is made we begin training and certifying our team members in all the tools and equipment. On January 6th the entire team meets with the mentors at our shop to watch the release of the game. We break into three groups to review the game strategies and the build design of the robot. The following Monday we meet as one large group and each group presented their findings.
Since January 6th the build and business teams meet daily Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 9 to noon or later.

Future Team Plans
For four of our first six years the Cassopolis RoboRangers team has viewed the program as a six month effort starting in October and ending with our last competition approximately April 1st. Looking forward, with five years of experience, our plan is to make robotics a yearlong program keeping students and community engaged throughout the year, not just when the RoboRangers are competing.

Future plans include the following:

Participation in Cass County community events, such as the Cass County Fair, Cassopolis Fall Festival, Winter festivals, etc.

Presentation to local business, governmental boards, and civic organizations throughout the year

Public Service Announcement in local daily and weekly newspapers promoting community awareness.

Continuous updates of RoboRangers website and Facebook reflecting current activities and support.

Yearlong contact with local donors and sponsors with emphasis and sustainability of their contributions.

Why is Robotics unique to us?
We are a unique team in many ways, including our diversity of race, gender, and economic status. But we have become a cohesive family that readily accepts challenges outside our comfort zone, and we strive to make them comfortable for us. We take every challenge that comes our way as one robot, one person, one family together.